About me

Cowboy Spurs

I like to think I’m a regular guy but, that’s not really true! I’ve lived all over the world and regular guys don’t spend their lives traveling around all the time like a nomad.

I’ve been carrying and using a camera since I was 12 and it’s my first love. I’ve also played in a couple of Final Fours for one of the most famous college teams in NCAA history. After that, I did the professional basketball thing for a while and then wound up coaching the US Women Olympic Ski Team for a few years. I’ve kayaked and mountain biked all over Europe, cooked as a chef on the Formula 1 race circuit and even did a stint as a lumberjack for a while.

Although being a photographer was and still is my first love!

I’ve pushed the button on a camera way more then 100,000 times so, that makes me an expert according to some books but, I’m always working on getting better at it. Always looking for a different angle, unique lighting and processes to make my images more interesting and appealing.

I love to shoot! There is nothing I’d rather do then keep shooting! It doesn’t matter what I’m shooting, I love it! I’ve been lucky enough to shoot cars in Africa. Celebrities in L.A. Machines in Europe. Great looking food in some really nice restaurants and products from all over the world. I never really specialized in one genre because I wanted to be a well rounded photographer and be good at shooting anything. Well…I have shot most everything and I take pride in myself at being good at whatever I’m shooting.

At present I find myself in Houston, Texas. Here I’m shooting a lot of medical images, interiors, oil well services, restaurants, food and lifestyle images and I enjoy it!

My way of looking at the subjects to photograph is always with the philosophy of trying to see what one cannot see with the eye!

Getting you, the viewer, to feel something in an image that conveys the vision of my clients. I enjoy telling their story and getting their message across while sparking some kind of emotional appeal to pull you in and get you interested in what’s happening. I like to produce images that make you feel good looking at them, liking the feeling and having a vibe with them.

I make good things look better! May it be you, your products or, your company. I’ll make it POP!

Give me a call and lets see how I can make your thing look good!