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The Dogs

How we do it

Show Your Vision

I love to work with clients who have a vision.  

What do I bring to the table?

25+ Years Experience

I have worked in studios and on location all of the world.  I have been taking pictures since I was a kid and the camera has brought me around the globe a few times.  I’m lucky I guess…To be doing what I love for a living.   Some of my clients include Walt Disney, The US Army, Skechers, HBO,  Patron Tequila, Jim Carrey just to name a few.  In my life I have photographed cars for BMW, airplanes for Virgin Atlantic, interiors for architects, food for restaurants, jewelry and design items for retail and a lot of people for magazines, businesses, law firms and movies.  I am what you call an Assignment Photographer. 
I can shoot pretty much anything. I deliver creative images that tell your story and share your vision.


Is there anything more you would want from your photographer? When it comes to your images, you want love and creative juices all over them!


There are no stories! No excuses and no long discussions about how it didn't happen the way you wanted. You get the images you want!

Fast Turn Around

You make the call, tell us what you need. We go anywhere to get the images you want as quick as you want them.

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